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What a difference a year makes!

Is it really gearing up to be the holidays? Where did this year go? New products, new staff and even a new baby family member. This year proved to be no different in the 365 days of change they bring. As we head into the holidays, lets not forget one thing: self care. A word that has become synonymous with 2018. The year we started to really appreciate ourselves! Taking the time to get that new haircut, or try out that fresh new shampoo at Terrence Michael Salon. If you haven't already, check out the newest color care products and new in salon treatments to help keep your self care game 100%. Some schedules are going to be changing so make sure to book your appointment for the holidays, now. Remember the new online feature which shows open times a availability for your favorite stylist. As always be sure to check out www.terrencemichaelsalon. for all the latest and greatest salon news!

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